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Native American Church of Canada "Family"
Native American Church of Canada "Humble Harmonies"
Lance Long "NAC Memorial Songs of the Late Phillips J Long Sr."
Elizabeth Hale, Ben Charlie "Singing With Joy"
Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Sheldon Yellowman "Songs of the Native American Church"
Grandfather Peyote
Mother's Love
Life Of Happiness
Good Memories
Whitehawk & Crowe "Spiritual Walk"
Lance Crowe "Spiritual Happiness"
Whitehawk & Crowe "Wikiwam Ahsin" Vol. 6
Blackhorse & Stoner
Machiskinic & Poochay "Live, Love, Laugh & Learn"
Brian Stoner "Inspiration"
Spiritual Medicine A Collection Of Peyote Songs
Lance Crowe Spiritual Melodies
Whitehawk & Crowe Wikiwam Ahsin Vol. 5
60 Minutes With Brian Stoner
Maynard Whitehawk Volume I
Wanita Bird "For Our Children Vol. II"
Lance Long "Southern Flavor"
Brian Stoner "Ponca Hymns"
Best of "NAC Compilation Volume I"
Verdell Primeaux "Lost & Lonely"
Brian Stoner & Verdell Primeaux "Reconnected"
Brian Stoner "Journey Alone"
Lance Crowe & Edmond Poochay "First Nations Ceremonial Church Peyote Songs" Volume 1
Whitehawk & Crowe "Wikiwam Ahsin Volume IV"
Cecile Moosomin "A Time For Healing"
Lance Long "Songs of Praise"
Brian Stoner & LeeAnn Brady "All of this Hurt"
Brian Stoner "With Faith and Love We Pray Vol III"
Whitehawk & Crowe "Wikiwam Ahsin Tipi Rock" DVD
Brian Stoner "With Love and Faith We Pray" DVD
Lance Long "Songs of the Winnebago/Ho-Chunk Nation"
Whitehawk & Crowe "Wikiwam Ahsin Volume III"
Brian Stoner "With Love And Faith We Pray Volume 2"
McClellan and Stoner "Look at the Sun Shining"
Wanita Bird Charles "For Our Children"
Brian Stoner "With Love & Faith We Pray Volume I"
Whitehawk & Crowe "Wikiwam Ahsin Volume II"
Louis Dick Jr, Pudgey Wolf & Brian Stoner "Our Fathers Teachings"

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